Episode 4: Rocko's Modern Life and Turtlecalls

In the Radio ReBoot season finale, DJ TURK, DJ Smyles, and DJ JD talk with Joe Murray, creator of classic Nicktoon Rocko’s Modern Life, about his work in the 90s and his more recent projects. Plus, Turtlecalls.com creator Brian Spathe joins the show to describe what it’s like impersonating a turtle impersonating Don Cheadle.

Episode 3: Crash Bandicoot

The Radio ReBoot crew interviews Crash Bandicoot creator/director Jason Rubin about his classic 90s video game series and his thoughts on gaming today. Meanwhile, DJ TURK tries to beat the original game in under two hours.

Episode 2: 90s Snacks and Manchester Orchestra

DJ Smyles and DJ Spiz talk to Manchester Orchestra bassist Jonathan Corley about his new project Bad Books, touring, and hollowing out old encyclopedias. Then they discuss classic 90s snacks like Dunkaroos and Koala Yummies.

Episode 1: Pokemon vs. Digimon

Pokemon or Digimon? With the help of a few special guests, DJ Smyles, DJ TURK, and DJ Spiz tackle this gnarly 90s topic.